Star wars

In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

This is a campaign based off of George Lucas’ Star Wars. The setting is still to be determined, but will largely be based off the characters created.

The star wars Universe is immense, and offers endless opportunities for many styles of roleplaying. As a GM, I would feel most comfortable doing something set in the Star Wars Universe, as I am a Star Wars Nerd and have enough command of the setting to create an immersive experience without risking railroading on other source material.

A few types of campaigns that can be played in this sci-fi universe:

*Black ops (Imperial OR Republic, or even another faction)
*Magic (the force)
*Treasure Hunting/Archeology

And more. If you have an idea for a genre you would like to play, message me, and I’ll see what I can do.

The other thing to decide is where to play on a timeline spanning several thousand years…

I have included the characters from our previous (heavily railroaded) campaign if we want to salvage that. And I am confident that I can do so A better plan might be to restart from scratch, however, given the addition and subtraction of members from our original gaming group…

Useful Links:


Galaxy Map

Star Wars

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