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A ha!
Ok, guys, when I figure out how to mess around with dates, I’ll update this more. But a quick synopsis of our latest session.

Max, Dhen, I5, and a Twilek force user named Laranth (whose alignment is unclear) were pursued by several police cruiser backup units. They were originally on foot, until I5 located a warehouse containing two weaver bikes. There was just enough room on each bike for two people. Dhen and Laranth took one bike, while I5 and Jax took the other.

To Dhen’s surprise, it seemed laranth was actually using her blaster to cause interference with the shots of the PCBUs, calmly blocking each shot with her own. Spotting a new skyscraper going up, Dhen turned off to try to lose his pursuers in the mess of girders. Though Dhen overestimated his piloting skill, he managed to escape with minimal damage to the craft, and their pursuer crashed into a girder and went down.

I5, however, failed to notice that Dhen had turned off, and continued travelling down his original street. Max managed to block a few shots with his light saber, but it was obvious to I5 that the padawan would not be able to continue to have much success for long. To Max’s surprise, I5 abruptly slammed on the brakes of the weaver bike. The pertinent droid then ordered the padawan to hold his light saber over his head. Max was able to deduce I5’s plan just in time to take a slice at the belly of the PCBU as it passed overhead. Max hit the repulsor lift vane, and the vehicle tipped on one side before crashing to the street below. However, before they could put much distance between themselves and the downed craft, the droid pilot crawled out and pointed a heavy blaster at Max. I5 saved the day by shooting the droid’s CPU with his laser.

Using her force skills, Laranth guided Dhen in the direction of Max and I5, and the party was reunited.

Mark’s character (name?)put his plan to oust Xizor into action. Unfortunately, he was found out, as he had not accounted for the tachyon particle trail left by the hypergem. Called before Underlord Perhi, he steeled himself for the inevitable death to come, but was surprised when Perhi spared his life, then asked him to kill Xizor as an official BS mission. More careful this time the Miraluka sent out his men to capture the droid Xizor had been sent to look for. The would then replace the droid with a fake, which would send out an alarm signal to the imperial forces resulting in Xizor’s demise. However, once again, Mark’s character was outwitted by Xizor’s cunning. His men had scarce located the droid, before it began firing on them with deadly accuracity and precision, having no trouble locating the men which the Miraluka had believed were well concealed. Within minutes, all of Mark’s character’s agents were dead or had fled. Mark arrived on the scene to find that Xizor had beaten him to the punch, and had somehow gained control of the droid. Xizor had the droid incapacitate Mark’s character. Xizor claimed that the only reason he hadn’t killed the Miraluka on the spot was because he had something to show him that would cause him more pain than death.

Serist and Kyleen were separated when the Whiplash called Serist back to headquarters to detail him on a critical mission. Serist thought it would be good for Kyleen to try to locate Max. As it turned out, Serist was given a mission by the whiplash to find Max. Serist knew Max was in the Yaam sector, but had no idea where to look precisely. As he passed a ughnaught colony, he noticed that things were unusually quiet, and decided to investigate. His investigations led him to a Falleen, accompanied by Bug-eyes, who was dragging a blind human toward a nearby shuttle. Serist through a stun grenade, but the Falleen was prepared, and it didn’t have the desired effect. Still, it was adequate to give Serist the time he needed to use the pass phrase on Bug-Eyes. Serist had Bug-eyes cuff Xizor. Annoyed by Xizor’s incessant threats, Serist then had bug eyes relieve Xizor of his conciousness. Mark’s character dragged Xizor over to a nearby dumpster, and incapacitated him, only to find some wires and weird bionic equipment interspersed with Xizor’s flesh. The Miraluka called Serist back to the scene. Serist was unable to detect any electrical currents flowing through the corpse. Nothing they found on the corpse was usable, either.

Kyleen recieved an unexpected comlink message from an old friend, who wished her to meet him at a firly high-end Cafe. He asked her to accompany him to the Factory District. Kyleen tried to contact Serist to tell him where she was, but she got no reply; there was only static on the other end of the connection. Having a higher-end model comlink, Kyleen has set it to continue broadcasting (at set intervals) a message she left for Serist, in hopes that he will receive it soon.

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